Dental restorations in Berkshire

At Frankel Dental Care we offer a comprehensive range of dental restorations, carried out by an experienced team. From cosmetic white fillings to custom-created crowns, bridges and dentures, we’ll talk you through the treatment that’s best for your needs, and create a detailed treatment plan to suit your budget.

dental crowns


Custom-created in a lab using your dental impressions, crowns can be milled from a variety of materials, from hard-wearing precious metals (usually reserved for the rear chewing teeth) to cosmetic tooth-coloured resins, porcelain, glass or composite; your dentist will help you choose the best option for your needs.

dental bridges


Created using your dental impressions, Bridges comprise a custom-made prosthetic that closes the gaps in your teeth. This is secured firmly in place by a crown at each end.

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At Frankel Dental Care all our dentists are extremely experienced in constructing and fitting acrylic dentures for patients in Ascot and surrounding areas – simply get in touch to find out about the various options available, and how we can help.

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white teeth being checked by dentist


These days getting a filling is a quick and painless procedure – and with our tooth-coloured composite fillings, no one will ever be able to tell the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a crown or bridge fitted?

Getting a crown or bridge fitted in Ascot is straightforward and will normally require two trips to Frankel Dental Care – one to prepare the tooth or teeth, and one to place the final restoration. The preparation procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and requires the dentist to file your existing tooth down into a smooth shape onto which the crown can sit snugly. Dental impressions will then be taken and sent to the lab where your bespoke new tooth, or teeth, will be engineered. When it’s ready, the crown or bridge can be cemented in place at a second appointment.

How long will my dental restoration last?

The longevity of your dental restoration will always be improved with good oral hygiene. Typically, crowns and bridges will last for up to 15 years. Fillings generally have a shorter lifespan, and average around seven years before they need replacing. Don’t forget to see your hygienist regularly to keep plaque and tartar away from any restorations.

Does it hurt to get a dental restoration?

No – all restoration work is carried out under a local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel a thing. If you are at all nervous about receiving dental treatment, speak to one of our team at Frankel Dental and we will work with you to help you feel calm and relaxed throughout the process.

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