Price List

Our prices have been frozen and will be revised in October 2018.
Please see below for our current prices. If you have any queries regarding your treatment costs, please be sure to discuss this with your dentist.

New Patient Examination (excluding X-rays)


Routine Recall Examination (Adult)


Routine Recall Examination (Child)


X-rays (small)


X-Rays (large)

from £25

Hygienist (basic/moderate)


Fillings (Amalgam)

from £60

Fillings (Composite)

from £95

Root Fillings

from £250


from £150

Crowns/Inlays (Lab made restorations) 

from £595

Dental Implants (single unit) 

from £2000

Whitening (without trays)


Whitening (with trays)



from £1850 per arch

Inman Aligner 

from £1000-£1500 per arch


from £400

Gum Shield

from £60


from £600

Basic Scale & Polish


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